Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update, September 25

Today was cold, gray and blustery. I talked with Mike Oram tonight and was told that there were eight foot swells in the Channel today. He said that it looks like things will improve Monday and then by Tuesday be good. Although the reality is that all that is needed is one day, I would rather not be ticking off days and waiting (my friend Thor has nicely offered to see what he can do about the weather - please do!).

Showing Oliver where I plan to swim (I don't think he believed me).

Given I couldn't swim the Channel today we did some exploring. Our travels took us to a wildlife conservation area that had lemurs and foosa - which, as you know, are prominent characters in my new favorite movie, Madagascar.

On another note, I've received several donations the past couple of days and really want to say thanks for the thought and support. I've also been asked by several people if I am still accepting donations - I am, they are welcome and very much appreciated.

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  1. Good luck Davis! Hope you're able to get out swimming soon. Ethan, Adam, and I are working on the weather as well -- we'll see what we can do.