Sunday, September 19, 2010

There's still something about that one with the crazy hair that I find suspicious

Two great articles in the Boston Globe today (thanks to Brion O'Connor):

As it says in the article, we are leaving in just a few days. We spent today doing errands - getting Gu, glow sticks and other things we need for the trip. Looking forward to getting over there.

Thought I would also provide an update on the hair.

My last haircut was June 14th and my hair has - well, it has gotten a bit out of control. There is enough of it now that I think it should provide me with a bit of warmth on the swim. If it doesn't it will have at least provided something for Oliver to hold on to when he's riding on my shoulders. If Oliver doesn't manage to pull it all out by the time we return from England, a haircut is going to be one of the first thing that happens.


  1. GOOD LUCK!! Please don't cut your hair upon your return, either. I'm a big fan of the hair on your head.

  2. I love the crazy hair - you look like all the crazy guys I swam with at Colby... don't cut it until after we get to see it in person at least! And GOOD LUCK!!!!

  3. I agree with the ladies -- a haircut should definitely NOT happen anytime soon. Love the hair.