Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday 26 September Update

We went for a swim this morning, about an hour, just to get loose.

Vaseline, your best friend in salt water.

Taking the plunge, it was fierce and funky out there. If the visibility was bad Friday, it was just plain dark swimming this morning, I couldn't see a thing. (Note: really large ship in the background, more on this later.)

Fighting my way out of the ocean, the fishermen thought I was nuts.

During the afternoon, we went to the white cliffs and Dover castle, this is a view across the channel. You might not be able to see, but there are 14 ships in this picture, and that water is rough.

While we were at and around the cliffs and the Dover castle, I kept track of the ships I could see, the fewest I counted was 8 the most was 21.

I guess I would be lying, if I tried to convince you that I was not a little intimidated. After the swim this morning, looking out over the Channel, the ships, and not seeing France, it was very real what I am up against here. The enormity of this undertaking is really made clear by a view from these cliffs.

This is a similar view a little later in the day, here you can see France, (and 17 ships). It is a little more manageable when you can see the other side, it is just swimming right? One stroke after another...


  1. You can do it Davis! As you said, just one stroke and kick after the other. We'll be cheering for you from here....hopefully Tuesday will be a go so you can get started! Just do your best - that's all you can ask of yourself.

  2. I second Kate's "You can do it!" because you totally can. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending strong swimming vibes from this side of the pond. Go Davis!

  3. Hey go right ahead and tackle the channel. All of the 6 grade at Glen Urquhart School will be rooting for you


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