Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1:12, update

0.75 miles to go


  1. From Kate:

    Just spoke with Davis. He got back in the boat about a minute ago. He's cold and tired and, I'm assuming, very happy to have accomplished this incredible feat. Unofficially he completed the swim in 12 hours and 41 minutes (within his personal goal of less than 13 hours).

    Again, thank you for all your emails. I am blown away by how many people (many of whom we have never met) have followed our journey. I am also touched by the fact that people have emailed to say that they took off today because of Davis, plan on heading in late to work, spent hours glued to their computers, and that they placed Davis on a prayer chain. Also amazed that Davis has had a good number of people from Axcelis tracking his progress, as well as a playgroup, staff and students at several schools, and the staff at a Boston OR. Furthermore, that emails of support have come from across the US, UK, Canada, and the Bahamas (and perhaps elsewhere).

    Today just so happens to be my birthday, and I must say that having Davis accomplish this goal today is the best present I could ever receive.

    Thank you all!

    We'll post pictures on the blog (www.sharkytreat.blogspot.com) tonight. We'll also post the official time once we know it.

  2. So exciting! Congratulations, Davis!!! All your Caties have been following you and we are INSPIRED!!

  3. From Pete Wilson
    WBZ-TV, Boston

    Congrats on the accomplishment!
    Is there any chance we could speak with Kate or Davis about his swim?

  4. Congratulations Davis! So in awe of you.
    Also, thank you very much for being so very conscientious by taking care of your Artemis before you embarked on this journey! :-)
    Best wishes to you and your family on this amazing day.
    Jen, Axcelis

  5. I'm so happy you are DONE! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  6. Awesome!!!

    Wikipedia says there have been about 1000 crossing by only 675 people. So, even more of a testament to your accomplishment!

    [I am curious if you were you tempted to do a kick-turn at France and head back?]

    Og Dog.

  7. Wow Davis! How awesome. Your dad would be over the moon proud of you!

    (Man-O-War, Abaco)

  8. We are so excited & proud of you-you were the topic of conversation at Chococoa Cafe this morning-most people are following you! And Kate what a gift in oh so many ways!
    Congratuations-can't wait to see you.
    Enjoy your time you have left!
    Julie & Alan

  9. Davis, We were so happy to hear the news.... Congratulations! What an incredible accomplishment. A great birthday present for Kate for sure.. :-)..Cheers, Angela ( ex-Axcelis), Glen , Garret and Trent

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