Monday, June 14, 2010

The Last Haircut!?

While not "shaggy" by most standards, I was due for a clean up.

The only important thing to note about this haircut, is that it will probably be my last until I swim. While the rules state clearly no insulating swim suits or caps, a little extra hair under the cap could help me keep warm. (Remember all that about wearing hats in the winter and how dumb that seemed, well your mom was right.)

Or maybe, like Sampson, I could get some extra strength, or something...

Oliver dutifully help Kate size up the situation, and they went to work.

When we were finished, Oliver decided that I had been good enough to have a pop.

So he headed to the pantry to get one for me...

He then helped unwrap it...

...and then he decided that he was such a good helper, that he probably deserved that pop.

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