Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June Gloom

In San Diego they call this "June Gloom" a fog that seemingly welds the sky and the sea together. This is what I found out at Plum Island when I jumped in the ocean there Sunday morning. The air was cold, the water was chilly, (although definitely getting warmer, I swam about 700 yards and felt fine), even the fishermen were represented by only a skeleton crew.

This photo looks rather tranquil, however there were 2 - 3 foot swells breaking, and plenty of chop. The fog gives you a false sense of serenity...

NOAA is telling me the water is in the mid to high 50's so I guess I am ready for bigger, longer Ocean swims. This is good news, as I have been tiring of the pool lately, longing for open water.

Counting down Saturday represented: 6 weeks to the 10 mile Kingdom swim, 9 weeks to the 8 mile Boston Light swim, and only 15 weeks until our 6 day window for The Channel opens.

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