Monday, June 28, 2010

Dawn Patrol

Here at Sharkytreat, swimming is not the only ocean activity we enjoy. In fact any activity that provides time in the ocean, as a delicious shark treat, is on our list.

Friday I woke up pretty early, about 4:15 to get Oliver a bottle, and I thought, this is not that much earlier than I often get up, perhaps I will head out on a surfing adventure.

Early morning car ride self portrait.

I headed up to Hampton, NH.

With the sun not yet up, I found a Dunkin Donuts that was open and got a cup of coffee, and then stopped at "the Wall", in preparation for a "gnarly surf session".

While I know those waves look incredibly impressive, (many of you are probably saying: "dude? did you have to be towed out into that? Shread!!!) they were 6 to 8 inches, with the occasional 1 footer.

O.K. some were a little bigger than than, but they were really fun, and it was really nice to be out there with the sun coming up, just alone in the ocean, paddling around.
Here is the Sun peeking over the horizon. I surfed from about 4:45 to 6:10, and the folks getting there for "dawn patrol" at 6 A.M. looked at me like I was nuts for getting out. It was a beautiful morning, and very enjoyable in the chilly surf.

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